DWS15 – Connected Things: How will connected objetcs impact our lives?

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Numerous objects are currently deployed in households worldwide. What are the key current consumer applications and their business models?
Nevertheless, some promising use cases still face challenges in terms of business models, security, and privacy. Why the adoption is lower than expected for some objects?
New entrants like internet giants now directly compete with traditional consumer electronics players and legacy (non-connected) players, raising numerous interrogations around their real strategies: providing new devices to better manage data? How could data management be key in this market development?
Finally, new networking technologies are also emerging, addressing specific applications that do not really exist yet: what are they? How promising they are? Impacts on consumer lives?
With Olivier CARMONA, Awox & Ludovic LE MOAN, Sigfox & Xavier BOIDEVEZI, Seb & Bernardo CABRERA, Bouygues Telecom

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