DWS15 – Yves GASSOT, IDATE & James ALLEMAN, CITI – Introduction

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To celebrate its 100th issue, Communications & Strategies has asked top academics their views of the often debated paradox: the acceleration of digital innovations and diffusion while concomitant productivity gains in the economy slow down with disappointing impacts on growth and employments.
This Forum which will benefit from the participation of several authors of our special issue and from the support of CITI to provide a transatlantic vision, proposes to address four main questions: What are the mechanisms which link ICT production or usages and the productivity growth? What explains the paradox: The failures in ICT regulation? The decreased returns from R&D investments (ie. Moore’s law)? Excessive rigidities of labour regulations? Failures in the educational/training system? Inadequate statistical measurements? How and why have the relationships between ICT-productivity gains/growth/employments changed overtime and regions? What about the relative evolutions and last trends in US vs. Europe? Finally, is the ICT innovations, as the earlier revolutions (steam, etc. and later electricity, etc.) the main driver for the productivity and growth during the next decades? What factors argue in its favour and what against? What are the lessons for digital and public policies?

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