DigiWorld Workshops

  • Why 5G? Issues surrounding 5G use: usages and network challenges
  • How will we pay for 5G? Financing, regulatory and network sharing issues
  • How to respond to concerns raised about 5G? The social acceptability question

Senior Advisor:
Agnès Touraine, Chairwoman, ACT III Consultants

IDATE DigiWorld Experts:
- Jean-Luc Lemmens, Head of Telecom
Roland Montagne, Head of Networks & Smart Territories

  • Inventory of sovereign initiatives
    Who do we want to/who must we protect?
  • Developing sovereign initiatives: pros and cons
    Concrete ways of promoting sovereignty
  • Proposals for achieving a sovereign Europe
    Looking beyond existing initiatives

Senior Advisor:
Antoine Petit, Chairman & CEO, CNRS

IDATE DigiWorld Experts:
- Vincent Bonneau, Head of Market Intelligence & IDATE Labs
Jacques Bajon, Director of Studies

  • To what extent is digital tech’s green transition already a central concern and focal point for businesses’ initiatives?
  • How can data help accelerate the green transition?
  • How could we merge the green and the digital transitions?

Senior Advisor:
Anne Lange, Entrepreneur, Board Member, FFP, Inditex, Orange, Pernod Ricard

IDATE DigiWorld Experts:
- Mathieu Bec, Head of Industries & Services
Prune Esquerré, Consultant

In collaboration with the France Pavilion
at Expo Dubai 2020

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  • Work organisation
  • Superfast rollout schemes: progress report
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